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Matt Rogers

A Thousand miles away from home

But it doesn't feel like im alone

I can hear the whisper through the wind

The voice of reason creeping in

And the gears won't stop turning

All the lessons I've been learning

Still don't keep my mind from asking why

Am I doing what I should be

Do the lyrics really move me

Or am I only playin’ guitar with words that rhyme?

Is there something to the story 

Uncharted territory 

Maybe I'm just tired, or I'm just high

But the stars keep asking questions 

In the South Dakota sky

There's clarity in the black of night

That burns away in the morning light

You recognize your childhood fears

And how they don't change much throughout the years

That old familiar feeling

Searching for the meaning

Cus you know we're only living til we die

There's a millions little lights up there as far as I can see

It's hard to keep the faith sometimes, but as long as I believe 

That I'm doin what I should be

Writing lyrics that Still move me

If don't say nothing I don't waste my time

Ain't afraid to tell the story

All the faults and all the glory

Cus they'll never be anything but mine

Finding answers to the questions 

In that South Dakota sky 

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