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Matt Rogers

Leigh Cara

I've tried apologizing a thousand different ways

For all the stupid things I sometimes say

I guess I found the straw that broke camel's back

Cus when I got home girl all your bags were packed

Two dozens roses and a bottle of wine

Not even Shenandoah gonna change your mind

What if I put it on a billboard 

Taller than the Georgia pines

The biggest one that could afford

Somewhere south on 75

You’d be passing peaches on your way 

To getting over me in the sunshine state

Out the clear blue sky you see a sign catches your eye

Says I'm sorry I love you come home I want to make it right

What if I put it on a billboard

Do you think it’d even slow that Honda down?

Baby would it cross your mind to turn around

Cus I’d paint this whole town in John Deere Green

If I thought it would stop you leaving me

Last Resorts, desperate measures

Hail Marys, Grand gestures

Every line in every love song that ever made you cry

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