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Matt Rogers

Nick Haynes

Alexander Grandjean

There’s a river by my bed and it flows, flows

Like people on a highway trying to get down that road

And we run run run to get there fast

With our 30 second attention spans

Wishing we could turn time back 

But it just goes

Tell me what’s the rush 

Why we always living a million miles a minute 

And what’s enough 

Worried bout gettin’ more than we’re giving

We only got so much sand 

So why we burn the candle from both ends

What’s the rush

There’s a sky above my head spinning round, round

Never gonna figure out how to slow it down

But we try try try to fight that clock

Why we in a hurry to make it stop

We oughta do a little livin’ while we’re  on this side of ground

What’s the rush

Plant that seed and watch it grow

What’s the rush

Take a little time to smell that rose

What’s the rush

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