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Matt Rogers

My first truck was a rusty pile of steel

But I felt like a king when I was behind the wheel

With the windows down I thought I owned the roads

 I saw a diamond when the world saw coal


I moved to Tennessee to be a star on music row

Pouring out my heart in every song that I wrote

Trying to find a "yes" when everybody told me "no"

To be a diamond when all they saw was coal

There's always a silver lining

Keep looking til you find it

It might take a little polish; it might take lot of hope

To see a diamond where the world sees Coal

I’ve spent some time on both ends of broken hearts

But the good Lord had a plan when he joined ours

I said, “Baby, be my wife” with a little ring and a little stone

She saw the diamond when the world saw coal

I've got a real long list of things I'm not proud of

But I've been saved by amazing Grace; washed in the blood

He sent his only Son to save my soul

I guess He saw a diamond when the world saw Coal

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