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Tea Was a Little Sweeter

Matt Rogers

David Tolliver

Kyle Schlienger

When I look back there ain’t much changed from where I used to be

And even though I’m not there it still lives inside me

New blacktop running through family farms, I hear we finally our own Walmart 

I know everything’s bound to grow up

But damn I wish I was


Shucking silver queen on my grandma's porch

Peach ice cream churning on the floor

Tellin' largemouth lies when ya fishin' 

A girl next door had  you wishin'

On shootin' stars in a July sky 

4th and one on a Friday night 

When that muddy water kept my soul a little cleaner

Life was good and the tea was a little sweeter

That county line didn't stand a chance, being anywhere else was my only plan

Couldn't wait to get out, but now all I think about is

I ain’t saying that the grass was greener

But the tea 'sho seemed a little sweeter 

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