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Matthew Lawrence Rogers, ASCAP

Angela Marie Rozman, SOCAN


It shouldn't hurt, they say it's safe

Love is just one of those things

You never know

It feels right, until it's wrong

Ya throwing words around like bombs

And watch them explode

Ain't it scary when loves unstable

We're fightin’ for our lives

We were trying but we weren't able

To save us in time

So here’s the fallout

The aftermath of what was done

Chased by the dark cloud

Raining ash and burning dust

You might survive the blast, but you can't outrun the past

You wonder why we try to fall in love now

Just to fallout

It wasn’t planned, happened fast 

You say the words and you can’t go back

What’s done is done, Once you fire that gun 

Ain't is scary when love’s unstable

We were trying but we weren't able

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